Write a paper of at least 525 words describing the relationship between critical thinking and ethics. Include the following in your paper:A definition of critical thinkingA description of the steps in the critical-thinking processAn explanation of how you can use critical-thinking when solving problems and the benefits of doing soA summary of your blind spot and preferred ethical lens from the Ethical Lens InventoryAn explanation of how your personal ethics influences your decision makingAn explanation of how ethics apply to professional and societal responsibilities.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.correspondence_of_code_of_conduct_and_handbook.pdfEthical Values and Commitments:
From Student to Professional to Community Member
ETHICS: The study of the foundational values of a community. The study of ethics helps us understand what
behaviors are expected and why. One also learns how to evaluate a situation and determine whether or not a
particular behavior would be prohibited in the community.
CODES OF CONDUCT: Application of ethical values in a particular community. University of Phoenix Student Code
of Conduct, a typical code of conduct, is written to let students know how the foundational values are
applied in a particular community, in this case the University of Phoenix community of learners.
EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKS: Application of ethical values in a professional setting. When you go to work, you are
given a company handbook that tells you how the foundational values are applied in that particular setting.
The company Code of Conduct is usually included in the handbook. Companies might also have a separate
Code of Ethics that is tailored to their profession. While the topics are generally the same, the description of
expected behavior is tailored to the specific industry. Thus a handbook for a business might be slightly
different than a handbook for a hospital or government agency because the situations the employee faces
will be different.
CIVIL AND CRIMINAL LAWS: Codification of ethical values into rules that all members of the community must follow.
When you become a member of a community, such as a nation, state, or even a city or town, passes laws and
ordinances that all people are expected to follow. Again, the topics are similar but may have slight
differences based on the value commitments of the community. For example, one community may permit
concealed weapons in certain situations while another community would never allow concealed weapons
outside of a home.
COMPARISON OF THE CATEGORIES: Below you will find a chart that tracks the foundational ethical values
through each of the different categories. Notice that values and behaviors that are expected of you as a
student are the same as those expected of you both as a professional and a citizen. Your character and ethical
maturity is developed as you consistently live into the values and learn how to discern what behaviors are
the most ethical and choose to act upon that knowledge.
Foundational Ethical Values
Ethical Values, that if
violated result in sanctions
in the community.
Expectations of Students
University of Phoenix
Student Code of
Conduct, that if violated
can get you suspended
or expelled.
~ Promote life and safety
~ Respect each person
~ Avoid bullying
~ Embrace civility
Actions, oral statements,
and written statements
which threaten or violate
the personal safety of
any member of the
© May 2014, All Rights Reserved
Expectations of Employees
Model Employee
Handbook with a Code of
Conduct, that if violated
may lead to disciplinary
action up to and
including termination of
Fighting, using abusive
or threatening language,
engaging in disorderly or
antagonistic conduct
while on company
Comparison of Values to Codes of Conduct
Expectations of Citizens
Typical Federal and
State Laws, that if
violated can result in
Assault and battery:
prohibits touching
someone without
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faculty, staff, or other
Harassment, sexual or
otherwise, that has the
effect of creating hostile
or offensive educational
environment for any
student, faculty, or staff
Stalking, persistently
pursing another person
that has the effect of
imposing unwelcomed
contact and/or
Disruptive behavior that
hinders or interferes with
the educational process
Carrying of weapons on
campus, at campus
sanctioned events, or
when meeting with
campus personnel (not
applicable to students
who are law enforcement
~ Fulfill professional duties
~ Be effective in your work
~ Fairly administer rules
~ Be ethically courageous
© May 2014, All Rights Reserved
Hazing, defined as any
action which recklessly
or intentionally
endangers the mental
health of physical health
or safety of a student for
the purpose or initiation
or admission into or
affiliation with any
Violation of any
applicable professional
codes of ethics or
property or while on
company business.
Discrimination or
harassment in violation of
company policy of any
employee or visitor. This
includes any verbal or
written communication,
including via e-mail,
voice mail system, or
social media.
Negligent or any careless
action that endangers the
life or safety of another
Engaging in any conduct
that is not in the best
interest of the company.
The Company prohibits
the possession of
weapons in the
workplace. To the full
extent permitted by local
law, this prohibition
extends to all company
parking lots as well as
our facilities.
Not applicable: Because
companies do not have
initiation rites of passage,
this provision is not
included in Handbooks.
Any unacceptable
conduct or infraction of
this policy may lead to
disciplinary action up to
Comparison of Values to Codes of Conduct
Title VII of Civil Rights
Act of 1964: prohibits
discrimination in
employment, sexual
harassment, or creation
of a hostile environment.
Stalking: prohibits
patterns of behavior that
would cause someone to
be afraid for their life or
Disorderly conduct:
prohibits public
misbehavior that
endangers another or
interferes with law
enforcement officers.
Gun Safety Laws:
prohibits carrying
certain unregistered
firearms and limits
carrying of weapons in
Hazing Laws: prohibits
initiation or preinitiation ceremony into
a student organization
or student body likely to
cause serious bodily
injury to a student.
State Licensing Laws:
Each profession with a
license has statutory
provisions that if
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~ Practice truthfulness
~ Be loyal to stakeholders
~ Fairly mete out blame
~ Embody integrity
~ Practice self-restraint
~ Do not endanger others
~ Follow community rules
~ Show leadership
~ Regard privacy
~ Avoid conflict of interest
~ Protect interests of least
~ Put interests of others
ahead of your own
~ Practice truthfulness
~ Promote integrity
~ Assure accuracy of
information for decision
~ Seek justice based on
© May 2014, All Rights Reserved
and including
termination of
Failure to promptly
Unsatisfactory work
comply with any
performance or work
reasonable directive from attitude can result in
faculty or University
disciplinary action up
and including
termination of
Failure to cooperate in a
Failing to cooperate or
University investigation
deliberately providing
false information during
an investigation shall be
grounds for disciplinary
action up to and
including termination of
Using, dealing in, or
~ Other than in
being under the
moderation at approved
influence of alcohol or
company functions,
illegal drugs while in
possession or use of
class, at campusalcoholic beverages or
sanctioned events, or
being under the influence
when meeting with
of alcohol on company
campus personnel.
~ Use or possession of
illegal drugs or being
under the influence of
illegal drugs on company
premises or at company
sponsored events.
Failure to maintain
You should remember
confidentiality and
that access to confidential
respect the privacy of
information should be on
personal or professional
a need to know basis and
must be authorized by
communicated about
your manager.
clients, one’s employer,
other students or their
Falsification, alteration
Accurate and reliable
or invention of
records are crucial to our
information, including,
business. Each employee
but not limited to, any
must assure that all
third party document
company documents that
used to apply for
they prepare are
Comparison of Values to Codes of Conduct
violated will lead to the
loss of the license.
Failure to follow a lawful
order: Prohibits following
the legal direction of a
law enforcement officer.
Contempt of Court: Issued
if one fails to respond to
a subpoena or follow the
Court’s order.
Public Intoxication is
being so intoxicated that
the public order is
Possession of illegal drugs
is owning or holding
prohibited drugs
Invasion of Privacy:
Prohibits intruding into
the life of another
without just cause.
Falsification of Documents:
Prohibits altering,
changing, or modifying
a document for the
purpose of deceiving
another person.
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financial aid, or lying
during a University
Violation of the Student
Code of Academic
Integrity, including
plagiarism, selfplagiarism, fabrication,
unauthorized assistance,
copyright infringement,
misrepresentation, or
Violation of the policy on
Acceptable Use of
University Computing
and Communication
Resources for Students
and Faculty
© May 2014, All Rights Reserved
completed accurately,
truthfully, in a timely
manner, and when
applicable, are properly
The company will
investigate allegations of
fraud and misconduct, or
questions regarding our
The use of the Internet
and other electronic
equipment must comply
withal laws and
regulations and shall
exhibit the highest moral
and ethical standards of
business conduct. Illegal,
unethical or
inappropriate behavior
will not be tolerated.
Comparison of Values to Codes of Conduct
Fraud and
Prohibits intentionally
making a false claim
with the intent to
deceive another person.
Computer crime laws:
prohibits use of
computer hardware,
files, and online
communication to
commit illegal activity,
such as the theft of
information or money
via the Internet.
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