DISCUSSION POST #1:The career that I am wanting to work my way to eventually getting into is working in a elementary school environment. I am currently attending classes here at Ashford to first get my Associates degree in Early Childhood education which I will then use to work in a pre-school environment. I plan on teaching in a pre-school facility while I am working on my Bachelors so that I can get a full teachers certification which is what I will need to reach my ultimate goal of becoming a elementary school teacher. I do also plan on at some point working up to becoming a counselor for school aged children but I see that career as being in my later years. As many know the teaching career field does not bring in a extensively high income. So for me the man extrinsic factor for me would be the title that I would receive. I will be looking forward to walking up to a classroom and seeing my name on the outside of a classroom door. Now when it comes to intrinsic factors there are quite a few I am looking forward to. Some of these factors would be knowing my hard work attending classes had gotten me there and also the satisfaction of knowing that I am impacting someone’s life. I have been stuck in the same career field for almost eleven years which I have gotten no real self satisfaction out besides the people that I have met of, but I stuck with it for the decent income. For me if I had a choice between a job that I made a substantial amount of money but dreaded going to that job everyday to a job that did not bring in as substantial of a income but I loved going too and got a feeling of self fulfillment out of, I would chose this option without a second thought. The feeling of self fulfilment will also be the main factor that is going to give me the drive to push myself to accomplish my academic goals, so that I’ll be able to get into the career field that I am looking forward to being in. DISCUSSION  POST #2:My future goals for my job are pretty simple honestly, I want to enjoy the time I am there and I want to make enough money that I will be able to enjoy my life after I retire. Those goals are basically the definition of extrinsic and intrinsic, but they are the most boiled down goals I have. I am currently achieving part of the intrinsic goal right now. Extrinsic Goals and values: I will start with the extrinsic future goals of my current job. The first external goal that I have is to make a good amount of money for at least three years. I am in a tier one retirement system and when you retire you get paid based off of your highest three years in the system. Another extrinsic factor that I would not want to do without is the nature of my job, I get to go out every day and create things that I want to do. Sometimes I need to react to things that have just happened in my areas, but most of the time I get to just go find things that I want to do.  Some of the extrinsic factors that I could live without is some of the social interaction that I have at my job. I volunteer for a number of committees and projects that I do mainly to show that I am interested in making the city a better place to work and live. I enjoy the volunteer committees that I am on it just gets a little stressful sometimes when I need to get my work done. Intrinsic values: One of the intrinsic factors that I like the most about my job is that I get a lot of recognition for the job that I do. The reason that I get recognition for the job that I do is because my job is always visible to the residents of the city, even though that can come back at me when I mess up. Having my job be so visible to everyone gives me a lot of self-motivation to not mess up, pride when I get noticed, and several opportunities to grow as an employee. A value that I would like to continue in my job is progress of the job. I like to know that what I am doing for the city has purpose and that I am heading in the right direction. Intrinsic or Extrinsic? I believe that intrinsic values are more important to maintain than extrinsic values. On the side of extrinsic I see that it would be difficult to start working somewhere if the pay was low, or you had to work in terrible conditions. It is a close race between the two because I am very satisfied with both at my job, but ultimately if you never feel that you are appreciated for your work, or that you are going nowhere because you never have the chance, then I think you would leave that job. I think that intrinsic factors are what help people get through the hard times at your job, they help to keep you focused when you mess up and get yelled at by your boss. Recognizing factors: I believe that I have a mild case a Seasonal Affective Disorder. I bring this up because every winter I get into a “funk”, of sorts, and I have to make a solid effort to drag myself out. I have been recognizing the extrinsic and intrinsic factors that I value at my job for a long time, so that I can get myself out of the “funk”. Taking the time to recognize these values is extremely helpful in bringing problems to your attention that you had not considered, and helping re-motivate you when you are feeling like it’s just not worth it anymore. Now in my case I believe that I have other factors that are causing me to sometimes get frustrated with my job, but when I stop and think about what my job really offers me, it almost always changes my behavior and opinion. Now that I know what it is that I was really looking at I will be paying a lot closer attention to my behavior and what factors may be causing me to act that way.DISCUSSION POST #3:Overcoming ChallengesPSY 202Nicholas AndreasonOne goal that I have at my current job is to eventually be running the entire parks department. The main challenge that is obstructing that goal is that my co-worker is in the same exact position as me with more knowledge and years of experience. As I currently stand I am afraid that if the opportunity was to arise to achieve my goal, I would fall short because of my lacking in those areas. I believe that if I reframe my mind to see this as a chance to prove that I am more than just experience in the field then I have a good chance at getting this future job. This future job is another reason that I am currently going to school. I was always told by my parents that it is not a matter of if you fail, it is a matter of when you fail, what you do in the aftermath of that failure is what makes all the difference. What I am trying to do right now is anticipating and planning the results of the failure before I have to experience it. By taking more of a growth mindset and adapting to the situation that I am faced with I am hoping that I will come out looking just slightly better than my co-worker, and be able to get the job. ResourcesI currently have several family members that I can rely on to help me get to where I need to be. My mother also works for a municipality and has been in this exact situation before. With her help I think that I will at least be directed in the correct way to present myself so as to not make create a bad situation between myself and my co-worker. Another resource that has really helped me to make the decision to get a degree, that will help me get the upper hand, is my brother. My brother helped me to realize that getting my degree will help me whether I get the job or not, he also bet me twenty dollars that I wouldn’t go back to school. I am planning on thoroughly rubbing his face in it when I graduateDISCUSSION POST #4:My Challenge: One challenge that I need to overcome to reach my career goals is living in the past. I have done a lot of things in the past that will still make me hang my head in shame. It’s difficult for me to forgive myself for mistakes I’ve made and it’s difficult to forget about them. The sooner I deal with this challenge, the better it will be for me.Reframing my Thinking: Every mistake I’ve made in the past has been a learning opportunity. I’ve learned what I should or shouldn’t do. I’ve learned what the consequences are if I don’t follow rules. While learning from those mistakes, I also need to stop being so hard on myself and let them go. I find that if I start getting discouraged and feeling overwhelmed with assignments, I always think to myself, “What are you doing? There’s no way you’re going to be able to do this! You’re going to have to drop out just like you did last time.” Instead of thinking in such a negative way, I can reframe my thinking by saying, “You dropped out of college last time and you saw where that got you. This time is different because you learned from that mistake. Stay strong and do what it takes to succeed.”Resources: I’ve avoided talking about the mistakes I’ve made, mainly because I don’t like others to be reminded of my failures. I also become worried that my family doesn’t take my pursuit of higher education seriously since I dropped out of college years ago. I think that if I can make myself talk about my mistakes and failures to my close friends and family, maybe it will be easier for me to put them behind me. Gaining support from others will likely make me realize that anyone can make mistakes and fail. It’s what you learn from those mistakes and failures that counts.

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