Macroeconomics examples of topics for paper.docxPaperEssay Structure and Grading Criteria for all class – Copy.pdfMacroeconomics examples of topics for paper #1
IMPORTANT Guidelines for paper
1. You are doing a short research paper. Therefore, you need come up with research
questions or thesis. Think what interests you in what we cover in the class.
For example,
o If you are interested in outsourcing, your research questions could be “Is the US
better off or worse off because of the outsourcing to China?”. Then you go do a
research on it. Find academic articles or news articles that support and/or
against outsourcing.
o You do research by reading those articles that you found and then combine the
information you find into a unified paper that represents your fully formed
expertise. The key to the whole thing is “combining,” so as you do your research,
look for facts and information that go well together and help explain (or disagree
with) each other
o You may start with your introduction and research questions. Then start a
second paragraph with a short explanation of what is “outsourcing” and state
facts such as how many dollars or how many jobs the US outsourced to China in
The paper must show an analysis of a real world outsourcing situation such as
what are the problems with the outsourcing, why there are the problems, how
to fix the problems, what the pros and cons of each solution are, and how it will
affect consumers who buy imported goods at Walmart or exporters to China.
o Warning: You should have one or two research questions or more depending on
your interest. If you only have one research question for your whole paper and
that question is “what is outsourcing”, for example, you basically just look for a
definition or a textbook explanation. This will NOT be a good research paper.
This is NOT a high school paper.
o A paper that only provides definition, textbook explanation, or news/facts
reporting will NOT earn good scores. You are not writing a dictionary or a
textbook or a newspaper. You are writing an economics research paper.
o Do not get stuck on picking a cool topic or a topic with economics keywords. If a
high school paper is about a topic, a college paper is about research question(s)
or thesis statement. A topic such as pregnancy can be good topic if the research
question is, for example, what are the opportunity costs of pregnancy before
finishing high school comparing to after finishing high school and college.
2. The topics and articles provided here are just examples. You are not limited to these
topics. You can pick any topic that related to what we cover in exam#1.
3. You should look for more articles for your research. In order to get an “A” for paper you
must use at least four news articles for your research. If you use only the article that I
provide here, it will only give you a maximum of a “C+”. So, go out and find more articles
that compliment your research questions.

Do not to use spoken language in academic writing. Write from 3rd person perspective
Do not use contraction in a formal writing.
This is the topic I choose.
Tuition-Free University Gains a Following
Applied Topics: Scarcity, economic goods, opportunity cost
Research Questions:
1. Is the online University of the People free in the sense of an economist’s use of
that word? Why or why not?
2. Is there any cost (accounting cost VS. economic cost) associated with attending
the University of the People when it is supposed to be “free”? Why? So, when
we use the word “free” in our daily life, what does it really mean?
Possible article to answer the research questions (don’t forget to find more articles)
ampaign_id=rss_topStories (The article reports on the development of a free online
Essay/Paper Structure and Grading Criteria
For ECONOMICS class by Ravi Samitamana
Title Page or Cover page
 It states topic, assignment name (ex. class paper or essay#1), writer’s name,
instructor’s name, class name and section number, and the date. (no point
earned for title page, deduct a total of 5 points if any component missing)
Part I. Introduction (Why anyone should read this paper/Why it is important or
 Is the topic of the paper clearly and concisely introduced?
 Does the introduction include a clear and concise thesis statement or research
 Does the introduction lay groundwork for the direction of the paper? Does the
information forecast the remainder of the paper for the reader?
Part II. Summary of articles and additional sources (how other people have
addressed the problem or answered the research questions)
 Does the paper summarize the articles individually?
 Does the paper synthesize the articles reviewed into a few main points?
 Does it provide a thematic summary of the research drawn upon?
 Are the source materials introduced, contextualized, and made relevant to the
purpose of the paper? (lower score if the summary is irrelevant to the thesis or
the research questions of the paper)
Part III. Body
 Does the writer adapt a theory or economics concepts learned in class to the
real world problem or the research question?
 Is an economics theory/concept used to make an argument or to answer
 How does the economics theory/concept play a role in the analysis in this paper?
Part IV. Evaluation and Conclusion (Show how you can use what you learn in class
to evaluate the situation in the real world)
 Does the writer use the knowledge from this class to evaluate and answer the
thesis/research questions?
 Does the writer clearly answer the thesis/research questions?
 Does the paper provide a brief summary of what has been discussed?
Part V. Reference (please refer to MLA format or other professional format
guidelines on class website)
 Does the paper have reference?
 Does the paper use MLA format or other professional formats for the reference?
 Is there a variety of sources?
Revised 2014/04/01
Overall Quality of Writing
 Does the paper provide excellent background, context and idea development?
 Is the paper well organized?
 Is the paper free from grammar & spelling errors?
 Are there smooth transitions between sections?
Additional criteria
 Does the paper have at least 750 words but should not more than 1,000 words
excluding title, quotes, and references? If not, the paper will receive a maximum
of a “B” or lower depending on a quality of a paper.
Total Points: _____/100%
Revised 2014/04/01

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