***Please read all attached docs**please read teaches notes and task sheet to understand the requirements that need to be reached in this paper.MLA formatingDirect quoits strong argumentargue both sides of the questionteacher_notes.pdfquandre_berryman_paper_1.doctask_sheet_for_research_paper_1__2_.docxsample_exploratory_paper__1_.pdfBerryman 1
Quandre Berryman
WRI 1200
January 2, 2016
“Paper 1”
Is there a positive correlation between U.S. military deployment rate and U.S. military
divorce rate?
World has entered into a phase of civilized and modern era in the start of the 20th
century, since then, the nature of the basic needs of a human being have advanced from
food, shelter and society, thus resulting in extensive attempts in finding ways to live a
pleasant and peaceful life.
In the contemporary world as mentioned by Amy, the means of earning bread and
butter have become specialized and complicated in which being separated from the
family has been an integral part of a common or a special man or woman. In doing so,
human nature becomes sad, frustrated and emotional and sometimes tried to find
alternatives when circumstances are reach at a stage where compromise is not the best
way out. (Amy 2015)
According to Kumagai, out of the thousands of the professions in today’s world,
being a military personnel is a matter of patriotism and pride for anyone who loves her
country but it is not just a profession but a trade with the military organization of selling
oneself at a price of national pride and great professionalism. Taking on this national
responsibility comes with some challenges as well for which anyone must be ready and
high level of temperament and strong sense of decision making is required. This is the
Berryman 2
occasional social isolation from the immediate family, relatives, friends and the circle of
acquaintances where this person formerly lived. The immediate family, if married, is the
wife/husband of the military personnel. (Kumagai, 2014)
Interestingly, United States of America is a country where people from all ages
get divorced from a 10 year old girl to a 77 years old married couple with ages of 99
years and 96 years for husband and wife respectively and the reasons in most of the cases
are minor misunderstandings. A divorce takes almost a period of one and a half year to
get separated from a status of husband and wife.
The study of 1, Agnes, Susan, makes it evident that divorce rate in the military
continues to climb which is another dimension of the sacrifices which are being made by
the servicemen and women and their families related to the defence of the American
borders and national interests. Many of these personnel are married less than a year and
they are deployed in the warzones like Afghanistan, Iraq and other strategically important
military bases. After these couples are at a distance of thousands of kilometres, they try
their best to keep their relationship strong is the top priority of the family. (Mary,
Ann, Agnes, Susan 2014)
The spouses working away from home relate that they try to communicate with
their spouses back home but due to the professional responsibilities and the nature of the
operations being carried out, only twice or thrice a week is the time that they can talk
with their husband/wife back home in USA. Even though technology has helped a lot in
keeping these communications far easier and convenient than two decades ago which was
only the letters or a telephone call in a blue moon.
Berryman 3
Nowadays, smartphones, laptops and other gadgets have made it an easy job to
see each other over the internet or video calling but this e-relationship is not enough all
the times to keep the emotional affiliation with the spouses alive from where the problem
starts because the spouses who are in the warzones are busy with day-to-day operations
and new professional challenges allow them to spend their time without thinking much
about their families when they are busy but the other spouse at home who are mostly the
mothers of young children or wives get frustrated from the loneliness.
Molly and Segal confer that Long separations of these couples and mostly the
families are the facts of the military life and according to the new statistics, the numbers
have been shown from the defence department that these long durations in which the
husband and wife relationship is put on a trial can strain the social stability with the
eventual outcome of divorce. (Molly, Segal 2013)
According to defence department, the US military divorce rate increased from
3.4% (2008) to 3.6% (2009) which was actually 2.6% in 2001 which is an alarming
situation for the families associated with the military service. It is not an easy job to say
good-bye to a spouse standing on the airport when one spouse knows that his/her better
half is going in the jaws of death and their return is a fifty-fifty situation so right from
there the mental stress and emotional distress starts which leads to the complications of
the relationship.
Once the deployment is over and the servicemen/women return to their families,
the gap which has been created in their absence is not ignorable because the wife has
learned to live alone and the children have also adopted to a situation of a minus-father
setting so it takes time to get adjusted with the father or the mother. The construction of
Berryman 4
the family is mostly changed when the servicemen are away from home to serve their
country and on their return, it becomes a big challenge to compensate their absence of
last several months.
A detailed study done by Melissa, Dominic, Simon, and Nicola explains that
Spouses who are left behind at home, with their husbands/wives deployed in the
warzones, have very limited options so they have to stand up to take care of their families
or themselves and they have to do it continuously with an ongoing absence of the person
who could share these responsibilities, stress and tiring days and nights, if they could be
with them but they have to do it all alone which causes to make them think about the
lives they are spending and sometimes they become frustrated and agitated from this
lifestyle and from the spouse who is away because of the psychological, biological and
behavioural needs they want to fulfil and they keep themselves contended for the sake of
the pride that their spouses are serving the country but most of the people give up at this
point which leads to the permanent separation of the relationship. (Melissa, Dominic,
Simon, Nicola 2013)
As per the research of Jennifer, Jeanne, Deborah, military divorce attorneys who
are the experts of this matter suggest that the communication is the most important thing
in the situation of deployment and after the deployment because it helps to re-understand
the relationship to resume their social lives. Because, if this issues is not remedied, the
motivation level among the military servicemen and women will certainly fall which is
not a good indicator for you.( Jennifer, Jeanne, Deborah 2015)
Marriages and the unfortunate outcome of these marriages, divorce is becoming
more common not only in the military related families but also in the civilians as well and
Berryman 5
specifically the spouses who are married to the military servicemen and woman are also
civilians from one dimension so the discussing the divorce as a general problem of
America cannot be ruled out. Going into the depths of the geographic classification of
United States, more number of divorces occurring in the southern part of the country
which shows the numbers as follows:
10.2/1000 Men
11.1/1000 Women
7.2/1000 Men
7.5/1000 Women
9.2/1000 Men
9.7/1000 Women
The reason to mention these numbers here is to find out the similarity of a factor
in more number of divorces between the military marriages and the southern part of the
country and that is getting married at an early stage of life. In southern part, it is due to
relatively less trend of education in depth in comparison to the north-eastern part.
Surprisingly, another finding by Ambriscoethe tells that most effecting reason
recorded for military and non-military divorces in 2011 was the impact of Facebook and
other social media platforms which disturbed the relationship of marriage through edating services resulting in misunderstandings and find the alternatives when the spouse
is away at a deployment or not feeling responsible for the rights of the spouse
biologically or psychologically. The situation at the moment in the United States is that
every hour, there are 100 divorces are being filed resulting in most of the cases as
permanent separation without giving a second thought to the reconciliations. (Ambriscoe
Berryman 6
Similarly, another research conducted by Copen, Daniels, Vespa, Mosher, the
military men and women get their jobs at a very early stage of life and the next milestone
in their lives is to get marry to start-up a proper family. It is noteworthy that early age
marriages itself are not the main cause of the divorce but the circumstances or the series
of events which occur after that become the reasons. (Copen, Daniels, Vespa, Mosher
There is another reason mentioned by Robert for the divorce in the US military
service that as an American citizen, the sense of Individualism causes it to occur more
because according to the most of the researchers, Americans are self-centred in their
approach to life whether it is about spending a life at a warzone or taking care the
children of the husband who is away at a military deployment, an average US citizen
thinks, what it has for me to do this. The military servicemen and women are getting the
pride and that is enough for them but when they go back or think about their families,
there are other persons involved and brings in nothing personally. Therefore, the military
service men and women have to consider that the marriage is a matter of two persons but
in one package of husband-wife relationship. (Robert 2014)
As per Hosek, there are several issues which are unique in their nature but related
to the military divorces, the most important four are as follows:
1. The career consequences of adultery
2. The command mandated support
3. The impact of deployment and deployable status on child custody
4. Division of the service member’s pension
Berryman 7
Adding to these issues, no-show to the court proceeding to resolve the issues due to the
deployments is also another issue worsening the situation. (James 2014)
In a nutshell, the marriages are done to start a heathy and happy life which results
in the children and these children can receive better upbringing when both the parents are
available for these children if they are alive and when it comes to the military servicemen
and women, it should be taken as a challenge to continue the relationship of marriage and
not to end it up with minor problems like no communication while deployed at a faraway
military base and the spouses at home must share the sense of responsibility of being a
parent and a better-half of the person who is working for the integrity and defence of a
great country and a great nation.
Berryman 8
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Berryman 9
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Capt. Jaclyn Ambriscoe ,Calling It Quits: How to file for divorce, www.army.mil 2014
available at
Task Sheet for Research Paper #1 (First Draft)
Let’s review what you have accomplished so far: You have articulated a research
question, formulated a plan for conducting your research, and have also identified a
number of sources to get you started. Now it is time to go through those sources (i.e.,
reading and annotating them), carefully glean relevant information from them, digest that
information and the ideas therein, identify any caveats, and begin to put into prose
form—sentences and paragraphs—the answer to your research question. I anticipate this
task taking twenty or so hours. Please note that your paper must receive feedback from a
tutor (details below) before I provide feedback.
Here is a simple checklist to follow as you write this paper:
Write a 6 page essay that does the following:
1). Explores a specific research question → preferably the one presented at the top of your
annotated bibliography
2). Covers a full spectrum of an argument/topic rather than making one set argument throughout.
* Keep in mind that this is an exploration paper and NOT an argumentative essay.
3). Utilizes at least 10 credible sources (peer-reviewed journals, newspaper articles, and books).
Your sources should represent a balance of perspectives regarding your question → don’t just
sources that answer your question in just one way.

At least two (2) of those ten must be books. “Books” as used here, are physical copies and
ebooks and do not include dictionaries, encyclopedias, or other reference works.
At least six (6) of those ten must be from peer-reviewed journals.
That means no more than two (2) of your ten sources can be newspapers or magazines or
other reliable sources (unless you choose to include more than the required ten sources).
4). Presents a possible thesis statement or argument (one that you could potentially use in your
upcoming research paper) at the very end of the essay.
5). Includes proper in-text citations and a Works Cited page formatted according to MLA
standards (see your Pearson Handbook for guidelines).
6). Has been reviewed by a tutor.
7). Uses MLA margins (1” all around), 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced. Going
outside these parameters will result in a lower score proportional to the length over (or under) the
assigned range.
Let the following process guide your approach to this draft:
1. In light of #7 and #10 below, set deadlines for yourself.
2. Identify the related questions that need to be answered and the key
ideas which need to be explained.
3. Write the draft. Along the way, make notes to yourself about
additional questions, sources, and ideas—particularly those which
could be useful in Paper #2 (the upcoming argumentative research
4. Revise the draft. Have you actually answered the related questions?
Have these questions and their answers actually led to a clear answer
to your research question?
5. Submit your draft to a tutor.
6. Edit the draft.
7. Proofread the draft.
8. Have at least one other person read it, proofreading for errors and
offering suggestions for greater clarity. We will have a peer review
session (either online or in class) so that you can get some valuable
feedback from your peers☺
9. Submit your draft as an attached file that is Microsoft Wordcompatible.
Your draft is due at the date and time announced in the course syllabus. Will
late papers be accepted? Yes, but with three consequences. First, late points
will be deducted from the score (2 points for every day late). Second, the
paper will lose its place in the queue, meaning that it languishes until I have
finished reading all the other papers (Other students should not get their
feedback late because one of their classmates was late). Third, your second
draft is due six days from when the first draft was due, rather than six days
from when you receive the first draft back. In short, get it done and
submitted on time.

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